Why Do We Want To Look Good?

August 31st, 2018

Why Do We Want To Look Good

On average, we spend fours hours a week on bathing, shaving getting dressed, doing our hair and (for some of us) putting on make up. Personally, I find that average extremely low. I know people who spend that lond every day, let alone every week. The average for men is just over three hours a week while for women the (alleged) average is nearly five hours a week. Sounds like nonsense to me, but who am I to argue with academe? But to move on to my main point – what are the big motivating factors that drive us all – male and female – to want to look our best? Whatever that may mean for you, and I guess it varies somewhat by age, gender, nationality, culture and age.

My experience of this is obviously a little skewed, as I spend so much of my life working with the most professional high class escorts Ibiza jas to offer, for whome looking good is a business requirement, not a choice or personal decision. Gym time, hair, make up, shoes, clothes, bags. All take time, thought and effort. And they are all investments, rather than fun. Not that they do not have the same reasons as human beings to want to look good, but that there is the additional social, professional and economic extrenal pressure to constantly look as attractive as they possibly can that is shared by so few others people – except celebrities, actors and actresses and the like. 

Well, when it comes to the major (rather than minor) reasons, the most popular is to feel good about ourselves. This reason was cited by sixty per cent of the thirty thousand people interviewed. But, with my psychologist head on fr a moment, that is a very generalised definition that could be broken down further. Do people mean feeling good about themselves in absolute terms? Or feeling good about themselves because they know they are attractive to potential sexual partners? Or feeling good about themselves because they are fit and capable of doing things? Or feeling good about themselves because they know that their appearance inspires respect and envy from colleagues, friends, clients and potential suppliers? Or any of a host of further delineations?

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